Eva Monowheel

(year 2018)


Electric road motorcycle mono-wheel that incorporates gyroscopic stabilizing technology.
It is dispensed with the dependence of the hands when driving, the style of driving is changed and offers a new car manipulation adapted to our needs.

Modeled with Rhinoceros.


Today’s society has the need to use the mobile phone. For citizens are very useful the usage of the phone while they are traveling with a vehicle, especially in the urban space. This fact becomes a danger in the circulation. The regulations of circulation articulate a series of laws to control the infractions.

This project proposes a new way to tackle this problem from the creation of a new vehicle. This one not only takes into account the spatial needs within the city, but also offers the possibility for the user to employ the phone without losing the benefits that a motorcycle offers.

From the interaction of science, design and technology, we built a motorcycle that offers high mobility, elegance and efficiency without losing security.


In order to carry out this project, we start with 4 main insights: an ergonomic chair, the sensations of the T-Max scooter, the innovative mobility of the electric monocicle and the problem caused by the use of the mobile when we are circulating.
The fundamental nucleus on which the new motorcycle is supported is based on these four insights.

The main focus is given by the ergonomic chair, which provides a new way of sitting and differentiating a motorcycle at the three points of attachment (handlebar, seat, stirrup). The ergonomic chair also has three main points to sit (seat, knee, cinnamon), but with the difference that we don’t need to use our hands to hold on. This is a very important data for the development of the project that is directed towards the use of the smartphone when we are circulating.