Ei! Award

ELISAVA University School of Design and Engineering / Barcelona (year 2019)

ELISAVA University School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona, Awards ei! prizes every year in order to recognize the quality and excellence demonstrated by the students of each promotion during their academic journey, highlighting the best Final Works of the Degree.

Barcelona Smart Moto Challenge

Smart Moto Challenge Competition / Circuit Castelloli (year 2019)

This electric motorcycle named ‘Eray’ was designed and built by a group of talented engineering students from Spain called the @elisavaracingteam

Competition Awards:

– Best Smart Bike

– Dymanic events

– Static events

– General overall

Barcelona World Race

Ocean Navigation Foundation / Barcelona (year 2014)

Design of a merchandaising product. Selected and exhibited at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona.

Design Award

The SURT Foundation Women’s / Barcelona (year 2013)

Ephemeral design of a trophy. Selected to reward the best companies of furniture of Barcelona.